CASB - Cloud Access Security Brokers

CASBs Cloud access security brokers - keep control when using SalesForce, Box, Office365 in the cloud by using Securosys Primus hardware security modules

Moving your data to the cloud poses its perils. How can you enforce your enterprise security policies? How can you control access (authentication and authorization)? How is your data encrypted and who holds the keys?

Many applications have moved to the cloud, simplifying management and access to them. SalesForce is a prime example, mobile employees need to access it from anywhere with any device. Box has established itself as the prime enterprise cloud storage providers as has its more secure Swiss cousin SecureSafe. Microsoft is pushing its users into the cloud with Office365. How can enterprises keep control, track and log access, and protect their data?

Augment your CASB with an HSM

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) fill in this gap. They sit in-between the cloud user and the cloud provider and enforce the cloud user's security policies. This proxy device can be augmented by attaching a hardware security module to it. With Securosys Primus HSM cloud users can stay in control of their authentication data and encryption keys. Example providers are ELCA und Centraya, both from Switzerland.


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