Our support services

  • In German, French, and English 
  • Assistance with technical problems
  • Settlement of exchange & repair
  • New releases and updates

For support inquiries and training services you have the following options:

Number for Support non machine readable 
or send email to support (at) securosys (dot) ch

If you are already a customer you can reach the Securosys support portal at


We offer training to operate, run and maintain Securosys equipment. This includes:

  • Basic training for the Primus S500 HSM
  • Basic training for the Primus X-Series HSM
  • Expert training for the Primus HSMs

Please find details about upcoming trainings here or send email to training (at) securosys (dot) ch .


If you develop applications that require HSMs you can get a developer account with Securosys. With this account you will receive your own partition on a Primus X-Series HSM, a copy of the provider to access the Primus (JCE/JCA, CNG, PKCS#11, openSSL) and the necessary login credentials. This access is for development purposes only.

For more information please contact support (at) securosys (dot) ch .


You can send us back the packaging material for recycling (Switzerland only). Please contact us via


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