Product Overview

Securosys offers a wide range of security network appliances focused on commercial applications. This includes communication encryption as well as key generation and management. All products are designed and manufactured in Switzerland, free from contaminating influences.

Overview factsheets

Hardware Security Module



A Hardware Security Module (HSM) is the core component of any encryption and authentication solution. In an HSM, cryptographic keys are created, managed and applied. HSMs come in different performance versions...More about HSM

VPN Solutions


Securosys VPN HSM

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows encrypted and authenticated communications over the Internet - as long as the cryptographic keys are not exposed on servers or files. Securosys offers versatile applicable, secure and trusted VPN solutions ...More about VPN

Link and Mesh Encryptor

Securosys Link Encryption

In many applications, the flexibility of a VPN solution is not necessary. In point-to-point connections or wide area networks (WAN), Layer-2 encryptor might be an attractive alternative regarding simplicity of configuration and operation efficiency for the protection of communications...More about Encryptor


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