Primus X-Series Launch

SIC4 presented by Jean-Pierre Groner

Zurich, 5. Oktober 2016. Securosys SA, manufacturer of hardware security modules (HSM) for the SIC system from SIX Interbank Clearing, today launched its latest product, the Primus X-Series HSM. This network security appliance sets new standards for hardware security modules. It calculates over 1000 RSA4096 signatures per second and can manage over 4 million public-key key-pairs in 120 partitions.

At the launch event at Technopark Zurich, Securosys CEO Robert Rogenmoser presented the new device to more than forty guests. "With the Primus X-Series HSM, we are launching our high-performance HSM on the market." Instead of storing passwords, keys and certificates anywhere on a file server, HSM should be used to protect this critical information. At the event, Securosys head of engineering Marcel Dasen showed how the Primus X-Series HSM can be used to secure applications such as databases (Oracle, etc.), Windows Server and its associated Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authority (CA), as well as cloud applications (SalesForce, Box, DropBox).

The bank  Flynt from Zug, is a first customer of the Primus X-Series HSM. Flynt manages the wealth of assets through the intelligent use of new technologies. "Building trust in technology innovation and change, means acting security first. Thus, security is deeply rooted in the Flynt DNA."  says Alexander Rüegg, CEO of Flynt. "With Securosys we found a trusted partner that shares our values on security as a mindset. Securosys provides the best mix of mutual trust, performance, price and flexibility in-class."

The Securosys Primus X-Series HSM can be ordered immediately. More information can be found on the Securosys website and the corresponding product flyer