Primus Hardware Security Modules (HSM)

A Hardware Security Module is key to generate and store passwords, certificates, and encryption keys. Instead of having this critical information just stored in some file on your network server it is securely locked away in a HSM. So, even if your network is breached and your files are accessed, the most critical information, your passwords, certificates, and encryption keys are protected.

Securosys currently offers three different families of HSMs, the Primus S500 and the Primus X-Series and E-Series HSM. The Primus S500 is exclusively used in the Swiss Interbank Clearing System operated by SIX-SIC under the supervision of the Swiss National Bank (SNB).  The Primus X-Series and E-Series HSM can be used for any application. When combined with the Decanus remote access device visits to the datacenter can be avoided as most operations can be performed remotely.

Both, the Primus X-Series and the Primus E-Series HSM are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified. Please find the corresponding information on the NIST website.

Hardware Security Module Factsheets:

Primus HSM X-Series

Primus HSM E-Series

Further information in the story "Hardware is the key to information security"


Primus E-Series

Hardware Security Module: Securosys Primus HSM E-Series


The E-Series of our Primus HSM offers high performance at an outstanding price. Connecting the device to existing systems is just as easy as commissioning. About E-Series

Primus HSM X-Series

Hardware Security Module: Securosys Primus HSM X-Series

The X-Series delivers market-leading performance for highest requirements in safety, availability, flexibility and tamper protection. About X-Series


Remote control for Hardware Security Modules Primus HSMs: Decanus

Remote control terminal Available now

Decanus allows centralized management across geographically dispersed HSMs as if being in front of them.

About Decanus

Hardware Security Modules (HSM) are used in the following applications:

  • Payments and transactions
  • Coldstorage of Crypto Currencies and Assets
  • Security processor in networks
  • Preparation of personalization data for the production of credit cards and security cards
  • e-Healthcare
  • e-Govermemt
  • Energy (smart metering)
  • Automobile industry
  • Certificate Authority (CA, as part of a Public Key Infrastructure - PKI)
  • Timestamp services
  • Signature Server
  • Archiving systems
  • Database encryption
  • Cloud encryption
  • Cloud access security brokers (CASB)
  • Blockchain systems
  • etc.

Please contact us and we can help you protect your application with a Hardware Security Module.



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