We cooperate with the following partners:

libC Technologies


libC Technologies provides expert software development in IT security, authentication, encryption and digital signature. 

Their product SwissPKI is a feature rich, fully integrated Public Key Infrastructure service which helps expand your enterprise security: from large scale deployments to embedded or CloudsHSM solution, the service provides all necessary out-of-the box components to increase your digital security in a safe, simple and quick way.

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Whenever it is about certificates, we cooperate with SwissSign, so for HSM as a service.

Secure e-business processes rely on trusted identities. As a trusted service provider (TSP) in Switzerland, SwissSign accompanies people and companies to a successful digital future. SwissSign is a provider of SwissID and is part of a joint venture from Swiss Post and SBB.

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atmedia logo

For our Centurion Link-Mesh-L2-IP-Encryptor we work together with AT Media.

The company's main area is secure and reliable data communication. As a market leader for high speed encryption, atmedia is one of the few international companies that offer encryption devices up to 10 gigabit.

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logo keyon

The company is our partner for PKI solutions.

Keyon is a leading provider of solutions and services in the area of IT security and custom software development. It has been operating since 1999 and obtained excellent references through putting a variety of strategic projects into operation for the federal government and our customers in the area of finance, insurance, trade, industry, and telecommunication.

They support clients in all stages of a project.

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Securely Ltd specializes in IT security and PKI solutions and is our preferred partner on Israel.

Securely Ltd is focused on PKI technologies. Their flagship product is the C-View, a lifecycle management solution for PKI and digital certificates.

Securely Ltd has more than 20 years of hands-on experience in designing and building customized and cost-effective PKI solutions. Their services include PKI design, implementation, and auditing.  

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essendi IT Logo

When it comes to certificate management, we work together with essendi IT.

With products like the essendi xc certificate manager and certificate broker, essendi offers powerful tools for a full certificate management. The essendi portfolio is completed by certificates from SwissSign and HSM solutions from Securosys.

essendi IT is also a reseller for certificates from SwissSign and HSM from Securosys.

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deltalis logo

We run backup servers for our services at the Deltalis datacenter in the former bunkers of the Swiss airforce in the Swiss alps.

When Deltalis acquired this singular place that hosts the datacenter in the center of Switzerland, the vision to build the safest place for data and IT was born.

Deltalis is dedicated to innovation, quality and security.

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