Launch Centurion Encryptor

Here are some informations about the launch of our Centurion Encryptor. It takes place on

Tuesday, August 22, 2017, 4 pm, in the

Technopark, Room Fortran
Technoparkstrasse 1
8005 Zurich


(held in German)

16:00    Arrival of guests, registration
16:15    Welcome by Robert Rogenmoser, CEO Securosys
16:20    "This is how technology creates trust – uncompromising security when dealing with sensitive customer data": Practical report by Stefan Thiel, enterprise architect Flynt Wealth Ecosystem
16:45    Interview Robert Rogenmoser with Stefan Thiel
17:00    Presentation of the Centurion Link Encryptor by Marcel Dasen, Securosys VP Engineering Securosys
17:20    Demonstration of the Centurion Link Encryptor, Securosys Team
17:30    Questions from the audience
followed     Apéro

Some additional information:

Link Encryptor Centurion

The Centurion encryptor is the solution organizations with multiple locations are in need whenever they have to secure their internal network across the internet. In that case, VPN might not deliver as it usually only provides logical separation from the public network, but no encryption. So, how can we get a secure network connection without decreasing data throughput and increasing latency?

The answer is: by means of our flexible and powerful Centurion link, network, carrier-Ethernet, MPLS, and IP encryptor. We have designed it in close cooperation with a vetted German engineering and manufacturing company.
You will find more information about our Centurion encryptor on our website and on the Centurion fact sheet.

Presentation: This is how technology creates trust - uncompromising security when dealing with sensitive customer data

The Swiss Fintech company FLYNT is already using Securosys Primus HSM and encryptors of Securosys’ cooperation partner. Stefan Thiel will present the relevant decision-making factors for this encryption technology and how FLYNT is applying it.

Speaker: Stefan Thiel

Stefan Thiel

After having studied Computer Science at ETH Zurich, Stefan Thiel worked as a software engineer in the financial sector, spending his time mainly in the Java world. His main interests included new technologies, such as cloud concepts. Security has always been an issue. Since 2014 as FLYNT's Enterprise Architect, conceptual security became the center of his concerns while building a private cloud platform based on Scala and Akka.
FLYNT is developing a proprietary technology platform that enables private and institutional clients the holistic and independent management of their demanding and complex wealth structures.
Flynt website

Please register by Email: events (at) securosys (dot) ch

We look forward to seeing you!

Announcement: On 26 September 2017 we will launch our service Securosys Clouds HSM. Please save the date!