Switzerland as the ideal production site for cyber security hardware and software

Switzerland should start producing its own devices and software, says IT expert Gunnar Porada. Sounds like a good idea to us! Switzerland in fact is the ideal location for building backdoor-free IT products. Just as a remark to Gunnar Porada: Switzerland does it already: that is, we from Securosys. Secure communications without backdoors has been the ultimate driver for founding Securosys some three years ago. Since then, we have been designing and manufacturing the Hardware Security Modules that secure the transactions of the banking system of Switzerland. Based on a proven track record of quality, execution and trustworthiness, we are, together with our vetted partners, ready for new cyber security projects.

Andreas Curiger

(The original blog article in German refers to an interview with Gunnar Porada published in a Swiss magazine called Beobachter; no 14/2017 from July 7, pp 10-11.)