Growing Up

Only 8% of all startups survive for more than 1000 days. We passed this milestone over the holidays. We must have done something right! Securosys is growing up!

Looking back it certainly helped that we quickly found our first customer. And then executed the hell out of it to deliver our first product, the Primus S500 HSM. We already shipped over one hundred units and are protecting transactions for the Swiss banking system. Transactions valued at, give or take, 100 billion Swiss Francs every day. Pretty sweet for a 1000 days old company!

Then, last fall, we launched the Primus X-Series HSM. Coming in multiple configurations it brings new levels of performance and security. The Primus HSM is turning out to become the industry’s leading hardware security module. All the while still delivering the trustworthiness of a device designed, produced, and manufactured in Switzerland, void of any contaminating influences.

We proudly shipped the first Primus X-Series HSMs to our customers before the end of the year. Also, we started the process of certification as this seal is legally required for some applications. However, many customers don’t need it and don’t want to wait. They judge, that a HSM used in the Swiss banking system, a critical Swiss (and maybe even world relevant) infrastructure, was sufficiently vetted (guess what, it was)!

No wonder the Swiss startup and entrepreneurial scene noticed. Last summer, we were finalist at the Swiss Economic Forum (SEF) in Interlaken. At this grownup event we presented Securosys in front of 1500 Swiss CEOs on live TV. Then, last fall, together with our first customer SIX and representatives of the Swiss National Bank (the Swiss Fed) we could take the stage at the Swiss ICT awards in Lucerne. Besides these two highlights we also made the Top 100 Swiss startup and the Red Herring Top 100 Europe list. However, our focus will stay on building great products and services for our customers and continuing growing up rather than winning startup prizes.

This means strengthening and extending our product lines. We will deliver new devices and services to secure your keys, passwords, certificates, and communications. We will extend our reach beyond Switzerland. And we will expand our customer base to companies that did not even know what HSMs are but really desperately need them.

Growing up means we have take care of multiple product lines and services. Gone are the times where the company could just focus on delivering the first product. Stay tuned for an exciting 2017 where we will grow up to become an SME while keeping an entrepreneurial startup spirit.

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